FEI Launches New Website for Natural Resources

The website can be viewed at

According to Dr. Paul Scagnetti, FEI Natural Resources Division vice president and general manager, "FEI acquired Intellection and the MLA business of JKTech in 2009, and has successfully integrated these organizations into one business group—the FEI Natural Resources Division, based in Brisbane, Australia. Resources companies are under increasing pressure to increase their recovery while being less impactful on the environment. Our dedicated natural resources solutions described on the website enable our customers to perform quantitative petrographic analysis to achieve those aims. Our solutions are based on over ten years of database and algorithm development to ensure speed and accuracy of the results."

FEI's automated mineralogy suite, which includes the QEMSCAN® and Mineral Liberation Analyzer (MLA) products, enables mining and oil extraction companies to reduce uncertainty in operational decisions, increasing the likelihood of more successful exploration and more efficient production. It is a high-throughput analysis solution that provides quantitative mineralogical data on a wide range of geological samples. In mining, this data enables engineers to optimize mineral processing and mine planning. In oil & gas exploration, the data enables geologists to develop improved reservoir models.

Source: FEI,