FLS-C - Laser sensor for SEW positioning applications

The FLS-C distance measurement device determines the current position of an object to be positioned quickly, extremely accurately and free of contact. Furthermore, the FLS-C is a sturdy and high-quality product available at a very attractive price. For this reason, drive manufacturer SEW EURODRIVE certified the FLS-C distance measurement device for all possible positioning solutions for its MOVIDRIVE and MOVIAXIS product lines.

The area of application of the FLS-C distance measurement device for positioning applications is very diverse. For instance, the FLS-C distance measurement device is a reliable actual value encoder in small parts or palette warehouses. In crane systems, the FLS-C is used for positioning as well as ensuring controlled synchronization. In addition, the FLS-C is successfully implemented to cut wooden beams, steels slabs, etc. with millimeter precision.

Thanks to most innovative laser technology, the FLS-C distance sensor measures reliably on a variety of materials such as wood, steel, concrete etc. The FLS-C model laser measures with millimeter precision independent of color and surface. The FLS-C distance measuring device measures absolute distances up to 500 meters without contact and with an accuracy of 1 millimeter. It represents a cost-effective solution even at extreme ambient temperatures as low as -40° C, using the optional heater.

Source: Dimetix AG