Fast and compact: new Laser Distance Sensor from Jenoptik

The compact sensor provides measurement rates as fast as 30 kilohertz within a measurement range of up to 250 meters and an absolute accuracy in the centimeter range. The maximum range is achieved for measurement on special targets, for example common retroreflectors. For natural surfaces with 10% reflectivity the measurement rage still covers 30 meters. The sensor operates completely eye-safe emitting invisible laser light of 905 nanometers wavelength.

Typical applications for the LDS30 encompass object detection, proximity sensing or altimeter operation. The distance sensor can be used for two- or three-dimensional object scanning systems in industrial automation.

Dedicated for easy and flexible system integration

The LDS30 sensor is constructed for system integration. It is available in two versions: the ready-to-install housed LDS30 sensor version is IP67-proof as well as shock- and vibration-proof and thus optimally suited for installation into harsh industrial automation environments. The LDS30 module version is intended for individual integration into specialized system solutions.

For easy connectivity the sensor is equipped with RS-232 and RS-422 interfaces, respectively, as well as with two digital switching outputs and an analog data output. The LDS30 is joining the proven product line of LDM laser distance meters that are used in numerous industrial measurement applications worldwide.

Quelle: Jenoptik