Flexible hybrid cable for x-ray systems

Leoni is equipping a new generation of Siemens x-ray machines with an innovative data transmission cable. This hybrid cable, consisting of copper conductors, fiber optic cable and cooling hoses, transmits the high-resolution pictures of the flat image detectors. Thanks to its flexible structure, it supports the C-arm’s high degree of mobility around the patient and simultaneously enables excellent data throughput.

Leoni’s new hybrid cable transmits the high-resolution digital images from Trixell flat detectors on modern x-ray machines. The cable, designed specifically for the high demands in cardiology, is used for example in the high-end C-arms of Siemens' well-known AXIOM Artis and Artis zee series – for instance in the Artis zee ceiling-mounted system, an extremely versatile system for angiocardiography, electrophysiology and general angiography. With the flat image detector, the latest C-arm generation supplies radiologists with brilliant-quality live images, for instance during catheter examination.

The cable has an innovative, hybrid structure. Along with shielded copper pairs, it consists on the one hand of sensitive polymer and glass fiber conductors that guarantee rapid data transmission while being highly mobile, and on the other hand of cooling hoses ensuring that the flat image detector is kept cool. This structure warrants a reliable data throughput. The cable also stands out in terms of flexibility and ruggedness: on Leoni’s own testing system at its facility in Friesoythe, Lower Saxony, the cable easily withstood the 2,000,000 bending cycles required by Siemens AG’s Healthcare Sector.