Flexible production at competitive cost

Thus, even small lot sizes can be rolled flexibly and with a fast return on investment. The rolling mill's concept attaches particular importance to reduction of construction and commissioning time, as well as easy operation and maintenance. The Siroll aluminum foil rolling mills are available in roughing, intermediate and finishing mill configurations. All the foil rolling mills are equipped with Siemens automation systems including TCS (Technical Control System) for flatness and thickness control.

In aluminum foil rolling mills, small batch production inevitably reduces the availability of the mill and leads to increased specific production costs. This is why Siemens has extended its portfolio of aluminum foil rolling mills, designing a system that has been specially optimized for low-cost production of small and medium production volumes between 15,000 and 20,000 tons of aluminum foil per year, allowing producers to better respond to changing customer requirements.

A Siroll aluminum foil rolling line comprising a roughing mill, an intermediate mill and a finishing mill is designed to take a coil of AA 1000, AA 3000 or AA 8000 series material of between 0.1 and 0.6 mm thick, 1,000 to 1,870 mm in width, weighing up to 16 tons and produce foil thicknesses of 2 x 6 microns at production speeds up to 1500 mpm. Flexible rolling programs enable a swift response to changing market requirements, even with small lot sizes.

Siemens supplies and commissions all of the mechanical and electrical equipment, fluids systems and process automation. User-friendly control and monitoring equipment includes diagnostic and alerting functions to ensure efficient and reliable operation. Product quality is assured by a series of linked measurement systems and actuators including systems for monitoring strip tension and rolling speed, an X-ray unit for determining strip thickness and Shapetech Flatness Air Bearing Shapemeter roll (ABS) and Shapetech ISV spray bars.

To ensure the high quality, and to accelerate construction and commissioning, core components of the aluminum rolling mill are manufactured, pre-assembled and tested at regional Siemens locations according to Siemens rigorous in-house quality control standards. Siemens also provides training for the operator's personnel and offers extensive after sales support by specialists at branch offices in the customer's proximity.

Source: Siemens