Fluke Networks Acquires ClearSight Networks

ClearSight’s industry-leading products provide network engineers deep visibility into their network traffic. Insights into performance, security and anomalies are delivered through the ClearSight Analyzer (CSA) and Network Time Machine (NTM) product lines. ClearSight’s leading protocol analysis, deep packet inspection and forensic stream-to-disk technologies further strengthen Fluke Networks’ leadership position in network analysis, monitoring and testing.

Enterprise IT managers, network engineers and data center managers are challenged with ensuring that networks maintain high service quality and 24/7 reliability in order to support business critical applications and services. Engineers must monitor, analyze and troubleshoot networks to assure this performance and quickly isolate problems when they do arise. Whether 1G, 10G or Wi-Fi, local networks pervade all aspects of business operations and Fluke Networks delivers a full line of systems, analyzers and tools that enable engineers to deal with the proliferation of IP-based applications and services, including IP voice and video.

“ClearSight’s network analysis solutions maximize network engineers’ ability to actively monitor critical links carrying high volumes of network traffic for performance bottlenecks, security anomalies and intermittent disruptions,” said Arif Kareem, President, Fluke Networks. “ClearSight’s powerful historical analysis, when coupled with deep packet inspection and monitoring, provide the comprehensive visibility needed to isolate, diagnose and resolve problems before they impact network performance.”

ClearSight offers CSA, a premium software protocol analyzer, and NTM, a real-time network traffic monitoring solution that employs deep packet inspection and stream-to-disk storage capacity for historical analysis. NTM supports both 1G and 10G Ethernet connectivity in portable and distributed versions. CSA software is a feature-rich and easy-to-use protocol analysis solution for laptops. ClearSight’s NTM monitors and captures every packet in a two-way traffic flow for up to one month of data from a single GbE link. The company’s products combine a simple user interface with the ability to capture, index and classify complex network data, providing an extremely intuitive method for managing a network to support business critical applications and high-performance services.

“Fluke Networks’ philosophy of providing Network SuperVision™, giving users superior visibility and insight into networking infrastructures they can’t get anywhere else, is a natural fit with ClearSight,” said Sam Li, technology founder of ClearSight. “Our products have defined ease-of-use in protocol analysis and application analysis visualization. We provide tools that are easy enough for less experienced technicians yet deep enough for complex root cause analysis by senior engineers. Fluke Networks delivers similar breakthroughs in ease of use across their entire line – our combination is powerful.”