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GEMÜ focused entirely on the motto "process reliability" at this year's ACHEMA trade fair. As a manufacturer of high-quality products, GEMÜ has always placed great importance on ensuring that these products are manufactured as precisely and reliably as possible. This is what ensures that the customer's systems in which the GEMÜ products are installed can be operated as reliably and cost-effectively as possible.

Perfect examples of current innovations include the impressive new two-piece 5M diaphragm which boasts an even longer service life in conjunction with the tried and tested GEMÜ seal system.

GEMÜ also presented the new 553 distribution valve. Its modular construction offers unprecedented flexibility. This valve is ideally suited for use anywhere where liquids have to be collected or mixed. It is also compatible with the GEMÜ modular system - actuators and sensors can be effortlessly integrated.

Intelligent networking

The GEMÜ F4 stand in hall 8 had a large Y at its centre. It is from here that GEMÜ presented the future of intelligent valve technology - CONEXO. The interaction between valve components equipped with RFID chips and an IT infrastructure, comprising the CONEXO APP and the CONEXO Portal, will actively improve process reliability.

Every valve and every relevant valve component, such as the body, actuator or diaphragm, can be clearly traced using serialization and read off at any time in the system using the RFID reader - the CONEXO PEN. The CONEXO APP, which can be installed on mobile devices, will not only simplify and improve the "Installation qualification" process; it will also make the maintenance process much more reliable and easier to document in the future. The app actively guides the maintenance technician through the maintenance schedule and directly provides him with all the information assigned to the valve, such as test reports, testing documentation and maintenance histories. This will optimize the maintenance processes in the systems and thus make a significant contribution to increasing process reliability.

GEMÜ CONEXO helps customers to understand and interpret the procedures in their systems even better and always with a higher-level objective in mind - to increase system availability.

Source: GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG