Fully automated, reliable 100% quality inspection

Two major solutions for fully automated quality inspection in manufacturing processes

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VITRONIC presents two major solutions for fully automated quality inspection in manufacturing processes, namely the VIROwsi optical weld seam inspection system and the VINSPEC optical surface inspection system.

In industrial manufacturing today, automotive manufacturers and their suppliers must adhere to very rigorous quality requirements as part of their zero-error strategies. These requirements can only be fulfilled with the assistance of automated measurement and inspection technology. Weld seam inspection and surface inspection are key components of this technology. Automated machine vision systems offer 100% reliable and accurate inspection, and also represent the key to process cost optimisation.

Fourth generation of weld seam inspection system VIROwsi

VITRONIC releases the fourth and latest generation of its industry proven VIROwsi optical inspection system for efficient, fully automated inspection of weld seams in industrial manufacturing processes.

The new VIROwsi operating concept can be used to quickly and intuitively configure weld seams, inspection methods and inspection limits, and to track these clearly. The HDR-3D sensor reliably inspects both weld seams on highly reflective materials such as aluminium and flat seams such as laser seams in battery production. The systems are widely applied in the manufacturing of axles, bodywork, exhaust systems and wheels in the automotive industry.

VIROwsi automatically detects and visualises deviations from predefined quality standards. Accurate 3D visualisations of seam sizes, defects (such as pores and holes) and many other relevant inspection results enable targeted reworking of parts. All information about weld seam quality is documented and archived, together with details of the specific seam and part, in an integrated database.

Pareto analyses quickly show any potential for production optimisation. The parameters for quality inspection can be adjusted during the production process, and are automatically applied to the next system cycle. This minimises costly reworking and scrapping of parts. The 100% inspection ensures that parts are only admitted to downstream manufacturing processes if they are free of defects. VIROwsi is a powerful system solution that can be adapted to suit the most diverse range of manufacturing applications.

During the software setup process, all relevant parameters, such as the inspection procedure, thresholds and criteria, are configured in line with the specific production requirements. The enhanced camera-based and automated VIROwsi weld seam inspection system is considerably more compact than its predecessor. Space is saved with the new, smaller processing unit, which can be more easily installed alongside the production cell. In addition, energy consumption has been reduced by 75%.

Reliable optical surface inspection with VINSPEC

The flexible optical VINSPEC machine vision system from VITRONIC reliably and accurately inspects the surfaces and contours of visible, sealing and functional surfaces on level and curved parts. Even large, level surfaces are quickly inspected with high resolution. The line scan camera used for large areas has special lighting and can detect even the smallest deviations and inhomogeneities no more than a few micrometres in size.

Applications include, for example, the inspection of cylinder head gaskets or transmission control plates in the automotive manufacturing and component supply industries.

VINSPEC, which can be customised to suit individual inspection requirements and production environments, offers a solution with perfectly coordinated hardware components for machine vision coupled with very powerful and sophisticated software.
The tiniest material defects and processing errors can be detected reliably inline in the production cycle, enabling any defective parts to be immediately separated. Automatic documentation and archiving of product quality and statistical evaluation of inspection data provide a basis for process optimisation.

Thanks to many years of experience, VITRONIC is also offering complete inspection cells and systems for surface inspection from a single source.

Source: VITRONIC Dr.-Ing. Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH