HEIDENHAIN - "Dynamic Efficiency"

They make the machine operator's work easier, but also make the manufacturing process itself faster, more stable and more predictable-in short, more efficient. It combines effective control functions with intelligent machining strategies in order to increase the metal removal rate and reduce machining time.

"Dynamic Efficiency" comprises these three TNC functions:

- Adaptive Feed Control - AFC optimizes the feed rate depending on the machining situation
- Active Chatter Control - ACC reduces chatter tendencies and permits higher feed rates and greater infeeds
- Trochoidal milling - accelerates roughing of slots and pockets

As is usual with HEIDENHAIN controls, the functions are particularly easy and convenient for the user. The combination of these TNC features, in particular, exploits the potential of the machine and tool and at the same time limits the mechanical load. The effort is worth it. Increases of 20 % to 25 % to metal removal rates are possible-which results in dramatically more economical heavy machining.