Habia Cable: UK MoD approve Speedfoam HT

Having significantly higher power capacity than typical foamed PE coaxials, coupled with reduced attenuation at higher frequencies, Speedfoam HT cables are currently available in the popular 240 and 400 sizes. Speedfoam HT coaxials are suitable for use in armoured vehicles and for land systems cable requirements.

Testing carried out on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence on the Speedfoam 400 HT cable size concluded that, during tests over a temperature range of +125/ -45 °C, the cables met the published electrical specifications and did not suffer any adverse effects due to handling over this range.

The major improvement over traditional Speedfoam type coaxial cables is the use of a unique low density PTFE dielectric in place of the foamed polyethylene (PE) used in the standard Speedfoam coaxes. This has a much higher temperature rating and hence a higher power rating than typical foamed PE cable e.g. Speedfoam, LMR & WBC low loss coaxial types.

Attenuation is also reduced compared to the standard version, especially at higher frequencies.

Speedfoam HT cables are a suitable alternative to Times Microwave FBT-240 and FBT-400 low loss high power coax cables.

Typical applications for this type of cable are
• high power RF systems of the type generally used in Force Protection Systems on armoured vehicles in the military market
• radar systems
• high powered communication and jamming systems
• RF test and measurement systems
• Harsh environment
• Industrial sensor and measurement systems
• and any applications requiring low loss flexible RF cables.

It is worth noting that ‘custom designed’ variants of these cables can be considered upon request.