Habia: New SeaGuard Naval Cable Range

SeaGuard and SeaGuard DS cables include low smoke, zero halogen (LSOH) and flame retardant wires and cables that enhance performance and are oil and water resistant. Limited fire hazard materials meet a wide range of international fire tests and as such SeaGuard is approved by many Naval Authorities around the world.

Habia Cable is a manufacturer of special wire & cable, active in many national naval programmes such as the Type 45 destroyer and Astute submarine for the UK Royal Navy, the Visby stealth corvette for the Swedish Royal Navy and the FREMM frigates for the French Navy. Habia Cable also supply hybrid custom designed cables to many naval applications including combat systems management, weapon and control systems, radar, sonar, communications and degaussing systems, electronic warfare and cables to meet EMC requirements.

The SeaGuard DS range includes power, control and instrumentation cables, coaxial cables and hybrid, custom design UK Defence Standard approved wires and cables using our HFI 140 and HFX 107XL materials.

SeaGuard is able to offer substantial savings in both weight and size. Comparisons have been made against various standard marine cables (e.g. DIN and VG) and US Mil Spec naval cables, and it has been proven that Habia can, by using thin wall materials, reduce both weight and size by up to 50% depending on the cable design and construction.