Hennecke Group to integrate a roll forming technology specialist

With its CONTIMAT lines for the continuous production of highquality sandwich composite elements, Hennecke has made a name for itself in the global market. In order to further advance its overall systems competence to meet customer demand in the application of sandwich panels with metal facings, Hennecke has integrated an established systems technology specialist in the profiling of metal elements, Willwacher Maschinenbau- und Vertriebs GmbH (WMG).

The operational integration of parts of Willwacher Maschinenbau- und Vertriebs GmbH (WMG) into the Hennecke Group is taking place as of 31 August 2013. With effect from 1 September, the new company will be trading under the name "Hennecke Profiliertechnik GmbH". WMG has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing roll forming machinery.

The portfolio of the highly specialised company, which is registered in the Siegerland region of Germany, includes amongst other things roll-forming machines and presses for manufacturing sectional shutter profiles and cut-to-length lines, as well as high-performance trapezoidal sheet roll forming systems.

The latter fit perfectly into the existing plant concept for Hennecke's CONTIMAT continuous sandwich panel lines. In addition to this, Hennecke Profiliertechnik GmbH will naturally also continue to successfully produce the rest of WMG's product range.

For Hennecke's managing director Rolf Trippler, this operational integration an important step towards being able to satisfy almost all customer requirements for the production of sandwich panels from a single source by the globally established Hennecke Group: "WMG has extensive expertise and an experienced and well rehearsed team. Within Hennecke Profiliertechnik GmbH, we will utilise this expertise in the interest of our customers by integrating a high-quality trapezoidal sheet forming system that makes the CONTIMAT plant technology even more attractive compared to the competition. The entire Hennecke Group will benefit from this."

Jürgen Willwacher is of the same opinion. The founder and managing partner of WMG appreciates the opportunities provided by the entry of a world market leader in the field of polyurethane processing: "The entry of the Hennecke Group represents a great opportunity for the further development of our core business. Especially when it comes to international market coverage." With effect from 1 September, Mr. Willwacher will be the managing director of Hennecke Profiliertechnik GmbH, and will thus ensure the consistent continuation of successful business operations.

The decision to establish Hennecke Profiliertechnik GmbH is not least attributable to the consistent strategy of Hennecke owner ADCURAM Group AG, which aims to steadily strengthen and further develop Hennecke in the field of sandwich panel systems concepts.

Source: Hennecke GmbH