High-precision hydraulic chuck with high pull-out security and precision

Need a hydraulic chuck that won’t let you down? Look no further than CoroChuck 930.


- Higher metal removal rate provides increased productivity
- Secure processes and secure machining
- Quick tool change and set-up
- Enhanced surface finish and increased tool life
- Closer hole tolerance


- Best pull-out security on the market due to the latest Fulcrumtechnology used for uppermost clamping performance with high clamping force. The clamping force repeats time after time
- Easy handling with torque wrench used for secure clamping
- The machine-side coupling is ground as last operation to guarantee the highest demands on precision
- Precision run-out <4 μm (157 μinch) at 2.5 × DC
- High precision repetition
- Balancing according to DIN 69888
- Clamping length can be adjusted with an adjustment screw


- For milling and drilling operations where pull-out security, easy handling and precision are required
- Used in all kinds of machine tools that have a rotating spindle, e.g. multi-task machines and machining centres as well as driven tools in turning centres and vertical turning lathes
- Covers all important machine interfaces

Source: Sandvik Tooling Deutschland GmbH, Geschäftsbereich Coromant