High-quality EMC cable gland certified by UL

Now these high-quality, EU-approved EMC cable glands have fulfilled the demanding requirements for UL certification and can therefore also be used worldwide.

In situations where conventional EMC cable glands come up against their limits, PFLITSCH's EMC solutions, with their internal annular springs and the reliable 360° contact with the cable shield, provide the highest levels of safety.

The blueglobe TRI®, characterised by its triangular contact spring, combines excellent HF-damping performance and ease of installation with the other system features of the cable gland to achieve values greatly in excess of the requirements of EN 50262.

Whereas Cat. 7A requirements in accordance with DIN IEC 61156-5 may demand at least 60 dB up to 1,000 MHz, blueglobe TRI® performs significantly better, attaining values of 65 dB to over 100 dB. Even in the high frequency range up to 2.5 GHz, the values are typically a minimum of 50 dB. The cable gland is also capable of achieving very high current carrying capacity.

The blueglobe TRI® is produced in sizes M16 to M63 in brass or in stainless steel grades 1.4305 and 1.4571. It is now also UL-approved and available with standard metric threads or 15 mm long special threads.

Simple and safe installation

When it comes to installation, blueglobe TRI® also leading the way: the screening braid is first exposed, then the cable can be simply pushed through the cable gland, which automatically causes the triangular spring to make secure contact around the screening braid, without the pressure screw having to be tightened. The design of the spring precludes its getting caught in the braid, even if the assembly is dismantled.

The standard versions of blueglobe® cable glands cannot fail to impress with their spherical sealing inserts and a concept unique on the market: compared with other commonly available products, the cable glands provide large sealing ranges, a highly effective seal up to IP 68 (up to 15 bar) or IP 69K and excellent strain relief, yet their gentle sealing action does not damage the cable and ensures a long service life. blueglobe® can be supplied in sizes M8 to M85.

Source: Pflitsch GmbH & Co. KG