Highest Safety on the West Bypass at Zurich

Also the West Bypass at Zurich which had been inaugurated in spring 2009 relies on the proven cabling solutions for the perfect operation of different electromechanical systems. Several hundreds of kilometers of safety cable as well as system components made by Dätwyler Cables had been installed in the five motorway tunnels of a total length of more than 13 kilometers. The safety cables with an extended insulation integrity and functional integrity (FE 180/E30-E60) contribute among others to the reliable working of the aeration, ventilation, signaling and different illuminations. These systems will still be energized for a predetermined period of time even in case of a fire. The fiber optics cable made by Dätwyler Cables had been mainly used in the fields of telecommunication and sensor technology.

The West Bypass at Zurich is a new built motorway of the restructured Federal Office for Streets ASTRA and of the Canton of Zurich. The route which had recently been inaugurated closes the gaps which existed up to now in the west of Zurich by means of many twin-tube tunnels and bridges. Since 2007, Dätwyler Cables has delivered copper and fiber optics cable as well as the corresponding components to several working committees and manufacturers of circuits in the frame of the new construction. The pre-tested system solutions made by Dätwyler Cables provide for approvals according to the applicable regulations. They fulfill the strictest European guidelines and guarantee high system availability – also and in particular in case of a fire.

“For high-risk buildings like tunnels the reliability and a perfect function of the infrastructure facilities and installations is most important. Corresponding safety measures are of utmost relevance. Since failures and service interruptions might have severe effects, a reliable cabling infrastructure is having an important function“, said Peter Burger, Project Manager of Tunnel Infrastructure at Dätwyler Cables.

The Switzerland based manufacturer offers high-capacity safety cabling solutions for the electrical infrastructure in tunnels which guarantee a reliable energy and data transfer, even in case of a fire. The portfolio of Dätwyler Cables who is offering one of the largest ranges of safety cabling systems worldwide also includes support in preliminary design studies, advice, training and support during the planning and implementation periods, the integration of active and passive system components, as well as project-specific and customized assembly and logistics services.