Highly economic heating and cooling

The current JULABO circulators of the 'Economy' series cover a working temperature range from -35 to +150 C. They offer a particularly attractive price-performance ratio. All models meet the very highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and performance. Intuitive operation and easy operational guidance permit fast configuration of all 'Economy' models for their respective application. The displays are extra bright and easy to read. JULABO offers two 'Economy' models: ED and EH.

All ED models feature PID1 temperature control with a stability of ±0.03 C.

ED models are designed for temperature control of external applications and also offer an internal temperature control. Especially noteworthy are the compact design and the low noise level during operation. All JULABO refrigerated/heating circulator feature vent-free side panels. This facilitates placement of units side by side or next to other equipment conserving valuable laboratory space.

The EH models go one better in functionality. Unlike the ED models they are designed for the use with flammable bath fluids. They comply with protection class DIN 12876-1. Almost all models feature automatic refrigeration cut-off in case of failure. An ATC 1-point calibration and an electronic timer function complete the package of EH models. EH models are available with natural refrigerant - the 'Cool-Green' label of JULABO.

Expert pre-sales consultation and access to additional services ensure that customers always receive the optimal JULABO unit for their temperature-control needs. Useful know-how by JULABO makes laboratory routines easy. For further information on JULABO 'Economy' units order the current catalog free of charge or visit our website.

Source: JULABO