World premiere for the new INTEGRA® FFS EDITION

The new generation from HAVER & BOECKER covers all three aspects - product, packaging and weight

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HAVER & BOECKER präsentiert das erste Modell aus der neuen INTEGRA® Generation, die INTEGRA® FFS EDITION für die Abfüllung in Schlauchfolie © 2015 Thomas Schnell 23569 Luebeck Kieselgrund 48

HAVER & BOECKER INTEGRA® filling systems stand for stationary and completely encapsulated packing systems for filling chemical products and foods using the Plug & Pack principle. In the future with the INTEGRA® family of machines it will not only be possible to fill into valve-bags, but also into pre-made open bags, tubular film, and Big Bags. In the new generation of machines there will be a variety of models that depend on the type of packaging.

At Achema HAVER & BOECKER presented the first model globally for the first time: the INTEGRA® FFS EDITION for filling into tubular film bags. Mid-range FFS EDITION machines reach speeds of up to 2200 bags/hr. For larger plants the concept is analogous to the INTEGRA® system family and is designed to handle 3200 bags/hr., whereby the filling systems will use another technical solution.

The entire INTEGRA® filling system also scores with the larger range of products, weights and packaging types/materials that can be filled. In addition to powders, granulates and micro-granulates, also liquids and special products (such as flakes or chunky products) can be filled into valve or tubular film bags, into pre-made open bags or Big Bags. Every type of common packaging can be used - whether paper or plastic bags. The weight spectrum of the entire machine family ranges from 1-50 kilograms, and 2000 kg are possible with Big Bags.

For all models the systems are mounted in a frame designed to handle up to 2200 bags/hr. and are outfitted with numerous modular components. Consequently the possibility of modular expansion is offered within the planned performance classes of 600, 1200 and 2200 bags/hr. An increase in speed is possible simply by exchanging a few components, and therefore allow the customer to upgrade his system and increase capacity without having to buy new machines. A second frame will provide the basis for machines with speeds of up to 3200 bags/hr. This concept is currently in the development phase.


Numerous technical innovations underscore the innovative character of the INTEGRA® FFS EDITION and offer customers decisive advantages. New, reliable bag grippers guarantee dependable bag handling. They have a long-lasting gripping force and are especially robust. New and reliable safety switches guarantee that the machine doors cannot be opened during operation. This provides a considerably higher level of safety for machine operators.

Moreover automatic speed optimization assures efficient results. Sensors within the material flow precisely determine the product's flow characteristics on a continuous basis. Using these data the machine is automatically and optimally set to the highest possible speed. Manual adjustments are no longer necessary.

The INTEGRA® FFS EDITION was especially developed for operator and service friendliness. The INTEGRA® FFS EDITION is fundamentally convincing because of the optimum accessibility to its interior. Visual process monitoring is possible thanks to the large viewing windows. Improved access is enabled through large side doors and doors at the front and back which can be folded up. An intelligent LED diagnostic illumination allows operators to observe the machine's status from afar (blue = ongoing operation, red = fault, white = doors open) and allows them to react without a loss of time.

By using the interactive touch-panel a rapid and detailed recording of the machine status is possible. The various operating messages are displayed as a 3D graphic. The machine operator can select single messages and understand them in detail with images, text, and key explanations. The INTEGRA® FFS EDITION can also be equipped with a 15-inch display as an option. Logging in via RFID is also possible. The machine identifies the operator via the data media and provides the corresponding access authorization level. As a special option HAVER & BOECKER offers a toolbox for tools and wear-parts.

The experts at HAVER & BOECKER also placed heavy emphasis on ease-of-maintenance during the INTEGRA® FFS EDITION's development. At certain time-points, depending on the number of bags filled, the machine tells the operator when and which parts need to be replaced. This time-point can be individually adjusted according to experience as so allows optimum maintenance and service intervals to be achieved. This serves to reduce machine downtimes because of necessary repair works and thus optimizes performance. A catch bin underneath the machine eases cleaning work. And to keep pace with Industry 4.0, every machine is equipped with a DSL or UMTS connection. This provides the technical requirements for remote maintenance and constant data transmission for storing performance data.

The eco-line will be offered as a supplement to the standard model and will have greater energy savings compared to the standard models. These savings are achieved in different areas, i.e. savings in electricity by using energy-efficient motors and the recapture of braking energy.

There is also a savings from compressed air use as cooling at the welding seams is done by water. The pneumatic cylinder for cutting the film is replaced by a linear drive and finally there is a savings from a least costly on-site energy supply system.

Source: Haver & Boecker MASCHINENFABRIK