ITT Develops Miniature Circular Connectors Optimizing Data Transmission In C4i Military Equipment

Designated the Nemesis Series, the miniature circular connectors provide full 360 degree EMI shielding and are fully sealed to IP67/IP68 specifications for harsh environments, such as C4I (command, control, communications, computer and intelligence) military equipment.

Providing optimum performance in military applications, such as vision systems, headsets, GPS equipment and radios, the Nemesis Series is also well-suited to non-military applications such as medical equipment, marine applications, and handheld devices.

“The expansion of the Nemesis Series is a direct response to an increased demand for high interconnectivity speed and integrity driven by C4I systems requiring improvement in operational efficiency,” said Keith Teichmann, global marketing director for ITT Interconnect Solutions. “These connectors offer the lowest profile on the market today and also feature our innovative pogo pin/pad and breakaway technologies, increasing the number of mating cycles.”

The Nemesis Series provides a “ripaway” decoupling action for rugged, wearable military communications equipment requiring interconnects that combine power, data and audio. The low-profile “space saver” connectors are easy to clean with a patented draw-back barrel design, which allows cleaning and reconnection in mere seconds. Rugged stainless steel construction provides durability, while an enhanced strain relief design eliminates cable overstressing. The connectors feature the patented breakaway pogo pin contact technology, guaranteeing more than 10,000 mating cycles and assuring easy connector mating and unmating. The Nemesis pogo pad receptacle design eliminates the necessity for dust-caps and removes “fouling,” often a problem in harsh environment connectors with non-pad receptacles.

Nemesis design innovations also include “blind mating” for reliable and fast connection without the need for visual or mechanical keying. Anti-reflective salt spray-resistant plating on the connector shells protect the vital cable interface and assist soldier camouflage in marine environment maneuvers, while the seamless ribbed overmolding provides a non-slip grip in damp conditions.

Available with RoHS compliant black zinc nickel or electroless nickel plating, Nemesis Series connectors have been designed with anticipation of future revisions of MIL standards.

Source: ITT Interconnect Solutions