Individual automated production cell with fast cycle time

Therefore automotive suppliers need solutions from the machine building, which meet the increasing demands for efficiency with regard to timing device and handling in an optimum way. For the automated manufacture of fuel line tubes in high volume operation, we have now developed on behalf of a customer order such, individualized solution.

Requirement of the customer was to work with welded stainless steel tubes with a diameter of 6 mm or 12 mm and lengths between 80 and 1300 mm – and extremely short clocked: shorter tubes in maximum 3,4 seconds and longer tubes in not more than 8 seconds.

From an axial transfer machine and three bending machines, we designed an individual automated production cell with using our t-motion technology. With this cell, the tubes can be bent not only within 2 seconds including feeding and rotation, but has a powerful storage and loading system and also a storage volume for one hour of production.

In the control of the fully electric machine, all important process parameters are stored permanently. Therewith an optimal reproducibility is ensured. If new processing parameters are necessary, they can be reloaded automatically from the control. For fastest reaction times.

Source: Transfluid Maschinenbau