InfoZoom fuels fast data analysis in the energy sector

The software from humanIT Software GmbH allows the company to evaluate its data more quickly and flexibly than with standard Excel solutions. Many other leading German energy companies including SWB Energie und Wasser, Süwag, Pfalzwerke and its network subsidiary Voltaris already use InfoZoom technology to analyze their business data.

Energy providers need to evaluate large amounts of information from gauges, energy meters, network planning or customer administration in miniscule detail while accounting for legal regulations, specific requirements of inspection authorities and even individual service plans. Since industry-specific operational systems are not designed to support flexible analysis, many energy companies still process their data in Microsoft Excel despite its known limitations. Stadtwerke Niebüll, however, uses InfoZoom to extract and analyze data from Excel lists or its Wilken NTS.billing system based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Other companies in the energy industry use InfoZoom to evaluate data in SAP IS-U or other source systems.

Due to its fast in-memory technology, InfoZoom can import large data volumes within seconds and consolidate them into a single window. This gives users a clear overview of their entire data so that they can understand and intuitively analyze it in further detail.

Joachim Bock, Director of Regulation Management at Stadtwerke Niebüll, values the speed and flexibility of InfoZoom technology. “No matter if we import 400, 40,000 or 400,000 data records, InfoZoom processes them in the same amount of time and we can access everything with a click of a mouse. In no time at all, we can extract new insight from raw data and identify relationships that we would never have seen otherwise." Bock was also impressed with how quickly he could start using the software. “I was able to install InfoZoom within minutes and start analyzing my data even though I didn’t have any previous knowledge of the solution.”

Stadtwerke Niebüll uses InfoZoom to assess the total performance and supply changes in photovoltaic plants. With a click of a mouse, users can access monthly or quarterly aggregations of real load profiles broken down into fifteen-minute intervals. The also use a performance data analysis based on archived status data to perform malfunction checks for a biogas compressor station. By grouping failure types, they can instantly see which errors have occurred in the station in which context and time frame so that they can quickly resolve these specific problems.

Stadtwerke Niebüll uses InfoZoom almost daily to control meter points. In addition to analyzing usage and invoicing data from NTS.billing, the energy provider can verify meter readings and annual consumption for its annual report. The company also uses the software to book renewable energy and cogeneration subsidies to different accounts.

Companies can use InfoZoom for many different business scenarios in the energy sector as well as all other industries that need to empower business professionals with fast, flexible data analysis. The software is available as an end-user product as well as an integration technology, for example, for vendors delivering specific industry solutions.

Source: humanIT Software