Innovation award for mobile energy storage concept

The concept presents an alternative to the network expansion, which may help relieve the power grid in a simple, fast and flexible way.

Mobile battery storage systems, located in truck trailers or containers, are connected to the hub. This punctual relieve saves time and money compared to an extensive premanent network expansion, and helps avoid bottlenecks. Also, the network capacity can be controlled flexibly accordig to demand. The storages are used locally, e.g. at hub A in the summertime, when PV installations produce a lot of power, and on hub B in the winter, with high output generated by wind turbines. Thanks to the balanced utilization the storage systems pay off quickly.

According to DCTI the solution provides a flexible contribution to the complex design of the smart grid. With mobile storages the existing network can easily be adapted to future requirements such as decentralized input or demographic change.

The application of tried and tested connection technology allows the broad use of such mobile storages. Multi-Contact's 10BV, 16BV and 21BV connectors are already installed in many grid feed points all over Germany, providing a quick and safe connection. Microswitches on the connectors indicate the correct connection, and may be used to control the installation.

Source: Multi-Contact AG