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“Built for Performance” was the theme of the trade fair presentation of Axalta Coating Systems at this year’s PaintExpo.

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“Built for Performance” is the theme of the trade fair presentation of Axalta Coating Systems at this year’s PaintExpo. This promise refers to the company’s new understanding for customer relationships as well as to the performance and quality of its products and services.

The focus is on the needs and requirements of the customers. The benchmark is the provision of the best solutions in the different fields of industrial coating and customer satisfaction. This strategic approach was also reflected in various live presentations at this year’s PaintExpo in Karlsruhe (Germany).

The company, alongside its customers, will introduce new developments in the field of liquid, powder and electrodeposition coatings. The focus is on smart solutions for different market requirements which will benefit customers. These answers to various tasks are characterised by efficiency, productivity, ease of processing and safe handling as well as environmental friendliness among others.

One of the innovations is the new Alesta® AG Antigraffiti, which is available in all RAL and NCS colours, including metallics. The glossy powder coating system based on pure polyester is characterized by excellent anti-graffiti properties and very good mechanical and weather resistance. It meets the requirements of Qualicoat, GSB and Dr. Kupfer.

The VOC-reduced PercoTop®-topcoat 9675 2K has been further developed specifically for coating commercial vehicle superstructures, trailers, concrete mixers, coating vehicles used in disposal technology, as well as construction machines. The essential features of this premium coating system are high flexibility, productivity, brilliant finish, and process reliability.

Convincing results are achieved in combination with the newly developed low-emission and environmentally sound primer PercoTop® 2K VHS Power Primer 4000. The main characteristics are high yield, very high layer structure and stability. This allows for applying the primer in only one spray coat, and – if desired – it can even be used as high build primer.

The water-based, lead- and tin-free cathodic electrodeposition coating system AQUA-EC 3000 is a low temperature system that ensures object temperatures < 150°C. It meets high environmental standards and is REACH-compliant. The typical application areas of the 2-component primer include Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive industry and job-shop coaters. AQUA-EC 5100 and AQUA-EC 5500 are water-soluble, lead-free, acrylate-based mono-layer electrodeposition coatings with low VOC content.

Due to excellent UV resistance, good corrosion protection, superb colour control and the extremely efficient mono-layer application, they are an ideal solution for a broad range of applications. One example of the use of AQUA-EC 5100 is the coating of harvesting equipment where it ensures an attractive appearance that lasts.

Talking about corrosion protection, with the anti-corrosion primer Alesta® ZeroZinc Axalta presents a solution that is free of zinc and heavy metals which can be tailored to different substrates and protects the environment.

Colour it is the name of a digital tool which opens up new horizons for choosing colours and structures for architects, designers, facade builders and job-shop coaters. And this is only one of the innovations for architectural applications Axalta is going to present at PaintExpo.

The Imron® HydroBaseCoat 8000 Series is perfectly tailored to the requirements of the transportation segment. This new generation of waterborne basecoats features unequalled productivity, excellent colour match and is easy to apply. The high flexibility of the system ensures a wide range of applications.

Imron® HydroBaseCoat 8100 has been especially designed for bell applications, typically found in heavy duty truck manufacturing, as Imron® HydroBaseCoat 8200 is ideal for conventional applications by spray gun, which tend to be more present in the bus and rail segment.

Source: Axalta Coating Systems