Innovative high strength steel design receives Swedish Steel Prize

The panel of judges has chosen innovative high-strength steel designs in construction, agriculture and occupational safety areas.

The main objective of the Swedish Steel Prize is to motivate, encourage and spread awareness about high strength steel and its use for developing more environmentally-friendly, lightweight and safer products.

Deere & Company has designed a harvester by using high strength steel. The steel decreases the harvester’s weight and the overall design and enhances the harvesting productivity better than conventional equipment. It is necessary to protect excavator operators from impacts of materials such as heavy metal pieces, boulders and logs. HT Engineering in New Zealand has designed a new protection grid for the excavator operator’s cab with better visibility and impact strength by using advanced high strength steel. The steel also reduces the weight and permanent grid deformation risk.

Brazilian company, Rotary-Ax has introduced a knife for sugarcane harvesters that combines the high strength and wear resistance of advanced steel. The tool increases the productivity in sugarcane harvesting. Swedbank Arena is constructed by Sweden-based Sweco Structure using steel grades with three different yield strengths: 460, 690 and 900 MPa. The grades are highly advanced materials than the ordinary steel used in conventional buildings.

Source: SSAB