Jenoptik presents industrial LED Hall Lighting at trade fair efa

In cooperation Jenoptik's Business Unit Optoelectronic Systems and LEiDS GmbH & Co. KG developed the Lucid power high bayIn bay, the first of a new series of LED hall luminaires for the use in high halls and buildings. This new series of luminaires is serving the increasing commercial demand for cost efficient and low-maintenance LED lighting. Already in May this year both partners agreed to cooperate in the field of LED-lighting.

The new hall and high rack luminaire ensures an efficiency of more than 100 lumen/watt at a life time of up to 60.000 h and the low heat development and reduced energy consumption, which are typical for LED luminaires. The optimized 3-chip-LEDs combined with highly efficient lens arrays achieve a homogeneous illumination without scattering losses, and an increase in brightness by a factor of two. The enormous efficiency of this new series of LED luminaires promises short amortization periods of less than three years. This luminaire is suitable for new installations as well as for conversion and replacement projects.

The Lucid power high bay offers two variations based on specific application requirements. The first luminaire features a radiation angle of 60° and a circular light pattern and is especially suitable for industrial and sports halls, as well as for warehouses. The second type transmits an elliptical light pattern with a radiation angle of 30/60° and is therefore predestined for illumination of logistic halls and storage buildings with corridors. Customers can choose between four different color temperatures: cold-white, daylight-white, normal-white and warm-white.

The polycarbonate cover plate of the Lucid power high bay is impact-resistant and shatter-proof. The luminaire is cold resistant down to ca. -25° and is protected from overheating in warm environments with the aluminium heat sink. Both luminaire solutions meet the IP66 protection class.

Source: Jenoptik