Jenoptik receives orders from Poland to supply traffic safety technology

The sales partner of the Jenoptik Traffic Solutions division in Poland, Lifor Sp. Z o.o., has received two orders for traffic safety technology. The company is supplying systems to the central Polish transport agency GITD as well as to the police in Warsaw. The Jenoptik division has been operating in Poland since 2004 and has already installed around 100 systems in the country.

The order from GITD encompasses the delivery and installation of almost 100 MultaRadar SD580 stationary speed measuring devices. They will be integrated within a new national traffic monitoring network in Poland operated by GITD.

At the present time, the MultaRadar SD580 is the most advanced stationary speed monitoring system in Poland. It enables the simultaneous monitoring of several lanes, guaranteeing unambiguous allocation of a violation to one vehicle.

Follow-up order from Warsaw

Following the order from GITD, the Jenoptik division received another order in Poland. Further stationary traffic safety systems will be supplied to the Warsaw police. In total, around 20 speed MultaRadar SD580 measuring devices as well as a number of TraffiStar SR520 systems, which capture both red-light and speeding violations simultaneously, will be installed.

"We are delighted, together with our partner Lifor, to be able to offer our neighboring nation the right solutions with these orders," says Heinz Marburger, Head of International Sales in the Jenoptik Traffic Solutions division.

Alongside the Asia/Pacific and Middle East markets, Jenoptik also sees good opportunities in the European traffic safety market. As a leading global company for traffic safety technology, Jenoptik received orders from nations such as Malaysia, Oman and the Netherlands in 2012.