KPS launches next-generation pipe for LPG

KPS has brought its successful, ATEX-compliant pipe technology to the LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) fuel market. The LPG pipe, offering the same unique conductive properties as KPS’s petrol pipes, is set to be the new benchmark on the market.

The pipes presently used for LPG fuel are either made entirely from steel or from steel with a plastic coating, explains Fredrik Hellner, Sales & Marketing Director. "Corrosion, both external and internal, is a big problem and poses a significant risk for leakages and damages to cars and dispensers. Our pipes are corrosion-free, and therefore offer considerable advantages in terms of both safety, durability and cost efficiency."

KPS’s LPG pipe is a 100 per cent plastic pipe with a permeation liner and a conductive inner layer. Therefore, they are corrosion free and come at a very competitive price. The semi-flexible pipes are easily rolled out on site from one end to the other, and no welding is needed.

At a recent installation in France, the installation of our LPG pipes took less than one day, including pressure testing of the pipes, Fredrik Hellner continues. This represents enormous savings in cost and time compared to other types of pipes.

Because of its green properties as a fuel, the market for LPG is growing at a rate of approximately 8 to 10 per cent per year. It is one of the most commonly used green fuels in Italy, Poland and Turkey, and is also on the rise in France, the United Kingdom and Germany – all key markets for KPS.

LPG fuel is available at over 50 000 filling stations globally today, says Fredrik Hellner. "Our new LPG pipe thus promises considerable growth opportunities."