Key Certification for Eco-Friendly Colorants and Additives

AIB Vinçotte, an independent inspection organization, grants OK Compost certification after verifying that a product meets EN 13432, a standard for compostability recognized in Europe, Asia and North America. Products meeting this standard are authorized to use the OK Compost label, which guarantees the item is biodegradable in an industrial composting plant. To qualify for this label, manufacturers must demonstrate that all components of a product or package, including inks, pigments and additives, meet EN 13432.

“As environmentally conscious consumers become more aware of the OK Compost certification, demand is growing for packaging and consumer goods that earn this label,” said Marcel Dartée, PolyOne’s global marketing director for biopolymers. “Using our exclusively certified colorants and additives helps customers to accelerate OK Compost approval of their products. In addition, PolyOne is able to formulate application-specific solutions that are certified in advance.”

John Van Hulle, president of Global Color, Additives and Inks, said, “This achievement underscores PolyOne’s long-term commitment to sustainability, and represents the culmination of several years of development work. We will continue to expand the range of OK Compost certified solutions to support our customers in meeting the preferences of eco-conscious consumers.”

Source: PolyOne