Kurtz receives major order by proving competence in the production of casting machines

Some time ago, the BMW Group contacted the casting machine manufacturer Kurtz GmbH with the task to significantly increase quality and productivity when casting aluminum cylinder crank cases for in-line-4-cylinder engines. BMW has been relying on Kurtz low pressure die casting machines for several years already.

The company belonging to the Kurtz Ersa group based in Kreuzwertheim produces low pressure casting machines for aluminum and magnesium alloys in permanent dies, sand, ceramic and plaster moulds for the casting industry under the trademark "Kurtz". Furthermore, Kurtz supplies trimming presses and technology, as well as complete plants - not only for low pressure but also for high pressure die casting

Those responsible for engine castings at BMW have clearly defined their ambitious goals and their high demands on the low pressure die casting process to the specialists of the Kurtz casting machine division. The special feature in this case was the 2-cavity mould which significantly increased productivity.

It became clear that this was a real challenge for the machine manufacturer when taking a closer look at the technology and the process. Although castings of this size with such high demands on casting technology is fairly new, multiple cavity dies have been state-of-the-art for some time.

The size of the mould and its complexity resulting from the dimensions of the casting of approx. 1000x400x400 mm and approx. 70 kg weight demands special requirements on die cooling, installation of media supply and the access for maintenance on the die. Thus far, a two-cavity mould for these types of castings with Kurtz low pressure casting machines in cooperation with BMW has shown successful. With this and further innovative technical details of the Kurtz low pressure casting machine technology, the productivity could be more than doubled.

The innovative Kurtz AL 18-12 SO low pressure casting machine built in cooperation with BMW sets new standards for the production of high-quality engine parts. Therefore, it proves that low pressure castings are the first choice for series production of engines.

As the first Kurtz AL 18-12 SO casting machine is successfully in operation at BMW, they have now placed a major order for further serial machines of this type.

Thus, once again, Kurtz GmbH justifies their excellent reputation in the automobile industry and can face the future with confidence.

Source: Kurtz GmbH