LAPP Group celebrates 50successful years of OLFLEX

Dr. Ewald Bentz, Director, LAPP India Private Limited inaugurated the OLFLEX drum roll in a traditional and ceremonial style that included, an enthralling welcome by Karnataka's very own ‘Dollu Kunitha' performers. Commemorating this historic moment, with waving flags in their hands, LAPP employees ushered Dr Bentz, who drove in the OLFLEX drum attached to a LAPP India branded Nano. The two-day long celebration was honoured by Mr. Rolf Salingmann, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany Bangalore, that also included entertainment programs by stand-up comedian Mr.Vikram Sathe and an exceptional group of performers called the ‘LAPP Artists' who were specially flown in from Germany for the event. The second day of celebration was a merriment day with carnival and sports activities organised for the families of the employees.

During this celebration Managing Director of LAPP India Private Limited, Mr. Srinivas P Kamisetty said, “The fact that India is chosen as part of the OLFLEX drum across the globe, is a testimony of how India has increasingly grown to become a user of standardized and quality products.” Further he added that the 50th anniversary celebration of OLFLEX has effectively reiterated LAPP's mission of working towards customization and providing exactly what their customers want.

When Mr. Oskar Lapp, the founder of the company invented the first industrially produced connecting and control cable under the name of OLFLEX 50 years ago, people were little aware of the unique success story that this cable brand would go on to write. Used globally, from the mountains of Himalayas to the deserts in Egypt – – testify the quality, all-purpose utility and resistance of this cable.

Source: LAPP Group