Leoni to equip ICE successor Velaro D

These include the assembled systems for the high voltage jumpers and the complete internal wiring. The recently unveiled successor to the ICE (Inter-City Express) will probably start operating on Deutsche Bahn’s rail network from the end of 2011.

“To Leoni supplying the Velaro D means its entry at Siemens Mobility as supplier for what is known as fixed installation bulk cable in the high speed segment,” says Dr Klaus Probst, President and CEO of Leoni AG. “In addition, the contract encourages us in our strategic objective of becoming increasingly involved in the area of environmentally friendly technologies.”

Leoni is equipping the future flagship of the German railways on both the outside and, for the first time, also the interior with highly developed cables and cable systems. For the jumpers between the cars the cables group supplies ready assembled, high voltage systems including connectors and fixings, which will carry the electrical power across the cars.

The internal wiring consists of a sophisticated system of flame retardant control and power cables that run along the train’s floor, roof and sidewalls. The Velaro D’s electric lifeline facilitates the power distribution inside the cars, feeding the safety and auxiliary equipment including the doors as well as power consuming equipment such as lighting and ventilation. The cable system will also ensure the power supply of audio/visual comfort applications so that both the train driver and his/her passengers can obtain the latest information: in both car classes video screens will keep the travellers up to date.

From a product technology aspect Leoni has succeeded in manufacturing particularly thin and simultaneously resilient conductors for the internal wiring, which serve the objective of saving weight. All cables are halogen free and flame retardant; some cables, which are especially crucial in the event of a fire, retain their function even in a fire thanks to special construction. As a further component of the contract, the Company has carried out a feasibility study for further development of the railcar jumper systems.

“In Leoni we have a dependable partner who supports us holistically from the engineering through to supply. The key to this collaboration is meeting all the quality and safety standards,” says Stefan Schellhaus, Velaro D project leader at Siemens Mobility.

Source: Leoni