Low-loss, Bend-Tolerant Jumpers

Corning Cable Systems LLC, part of Corning Incorporated’s Telecommunications segment, introduces its Pretium® Low-loss OM3 Jumpers with ultra-bend performance. Local area network (LAN) and data center applications can benefit from the improved bend tolerance of these new OM3 (high-bandwidth, laser-optimized) cable assemblies with Corning® ClearCurve® multimode fiber.

Corning Cable Systems Pretium Low-loss OM3 Jumpers with ultra-bend performance can greatly reduce outages and degradation in systems caused by severe bending problems. Even when installers use best practices, mistakes may occur that result in kinked cables and cables bent beyond the recommended minimum bend radius found in today’s typical jumpers.

As network transmission speeds increase, available margins tighten and become more sensitive to loss associated with a number of factors including bends. Attenuation loss impacts associated with inadvertent macro-bending events may be reduced by more than 50 percent when using Pretium Low-loss OM3 Jumpers with ultra-bend performance in place of traditional 50 µm jumpers. Some severe bending problems that could typically result in a system outage become a non-event when the Pretium Low-loss OM3 Jumpers with ultra-bend performance are deployed in the network.

Enabled by Corning ClearCurve multimode fiber, Pretium Low-loss OM3 Jumpers with ultra-bend performance are able to accommodate a minimum bend radius of 8 mm (1.6 mm cable) to 10 mm (2.0 mm cable) with minimal bend-induced attenuation loss.

Multimode fibers have many modes of light traveling through the core of the fiber. These modes have a tendency to leak from the core under tight bending conditions. The resulting additional signal loss can cause system downtime or reduced network efficiency. Corning ClearCurve multimode fiber is designed to confine these modes within the fiber’s core; the result is a virtually undiminished optical signal and a reduced risk of network downtime.

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