Low Stress Marking

In many industrial fields a durable and tamper proof marking of materials is an important issue. In this context the term “Low Stress Marking” has established. Next to conventional stamping methods like for example impact marking, the marking of characters and logos in dot matrix format have proven. For this marking method a CNC controlled dot peen marking system can be used.

The carbide marking pin of the CNC controlled dot peen marker is similar to a center punch. The pin is sharpened and rounded and enables with this a fast and economic marking of different matrix fonts. To get a matrix marking of characters, an interruption of the motion sequence of the marking process is needed. This means that the marking pin works not oscillating but by a defined up- and down movement. With this single points will be forced into the material.

The marking method „dot peen marking“ is successfully proved in several industrial sectors. These include suppliers of semi-finished products in the metalworking industry, gas and oil production, companies of the precious metal sector, machining centers (metals or plastics), shipbuilding and offshore industry, automobile industry, aerospace industry, plant engineering and construction, mould design and construction, pipeline construction, maintenance workshops and many more.

The electromagnetic driven, hand-held marking system FlyMarker® PRO of the German company MARKATOR® is particularly suitable for low stress marking. The FlyMarker® PRO is a space saving and lightweight marking system with an integrated control unit.

The dot peen marking system is available as hand-held or table marking system as well as in a combi version. The combi version of the FlyMarker® PRO can be converted in just a few simple steps from a hand-held into a table marking system.

The hand-held version of the FlyMarker® PRO is cordless. A lightweight but powerful lithium ion battery enables an approx. 1.5 hour operation of the system.

In combination with the second battery which is included in the standard scope of delivery a continuous operation is possible. Charging the battery takes approx. 25-30 minutes.

Source: MARKATOR® Manfred Borries GmbH