Düsseldorf trade fair events should provide companies and groups throughout the world with platforms from which to achieve success in international markets. “Exhibitions are indispensable for these players, not only economically but also in terms of communication”, explains Dornscheidt. “Frequently, up to 40 percent of marketing budgets are spent on exhibitions. In this respect, we consider ourselves as having a duty to provide exhibitors with guaranteed quality features and planning factors”.

For the practitioners in Düsseldorf, the services offered by the trade fair are fixed planning factors for exhibitors. Technical services, logistics at the exhibition centre, storage of exhibition items, visitor registration, the creation of infrastructures at foreign exhibition centres, media liaison... The list of “things that can be taken for granted” is long. On top of this is communication on the web. It ranges from publications, for example of exhibitor portfolios, through to the possible arrangement of meetings at the stand via Internet.

“Resources on site are frequently not always ideal. Nevertheless, exhibitors must always be able to rely on convincing service support. I am committed to ensuring that we create the highest degree of reliability”, says Dornscheidt.

For him, a further planning factor is the international character of the trade fairs. This includes not only exhibitors and visitors but also event locations and themes. “Today, the average share of international trade visitors at our exhibitions is 50 to 60 percent; depending on the industry sometimes even 70 percent.” Messe Düsseldorf has 68 foreign representation offices for 127 countries, nine international subsidiaries and shareholdings. The Düsseldorf company organises more than 100 events around the world each year. All customers of Messe Düsseldorf can depend on this international planning factor. Werner M. Dornscheidt never tires of emphasising this.

“An exhibition can only succeed if the theme is right. Theme expertise is therefore a top priority for us.” For this reason, a global project development network has been set up in Düsseldorf for the development and realisation of new presentation/communication platforms in the capital goods industry as well as of highly qualified trade fairs, and a strategic exchange of information implemented with exhibitors. This enables Messe Düsseldorf to obtain that decisive edge in terms of information.

As is clear from the interview, Werner M. Dornscheidt regards himself as motor and mediator. For him, supporting customers in opening up new markets is of central importance.