Messer Cutting Systems launches its first global machine

This is also the first global equipment from Messer Cutting Systems. This means that the Problade is the same machine with identical features throughout the Messer World.

Beside this, all the five locations (Germany, United States, China, Brazil and India) had intense participation in the development of this project. Professionals from several areas, including sales, marketing, engineering, etc had several meetings to give their opinions, to consider the specific needs of each region, to outline strategies and to do many other activities in order to make this project a reality. This is the first such joint exercise since the company positioned itself as a "global player" and presents the new corporate identity/design with which Messer Cutting Systems is now consistently represented in international markets.

Problade is a small to medium sized CNC cutting machine with a stabile track construction, which maintains accuracy and not easily misaligned. It has an ergonomic design and is tough enough for a hard day’s work. The track is close to the table for ease of loading.

The machine allows the combination of oxyfuel and plasma cutting processes, to cover all commonly occurring materials and tasks. The installation of Problade is fast and easy, which saves costs and gets the machine into production sooner.

The Problade’s positioning speed is 18 meters per minute, which means less positioning time, increasing output. The ProBlade offers the capacity to control up to four torches, with a maximum of one plasma unit, giving higher productivity. The ProBlade can cut up to 150 mm (6") with one torch and 75 mm (3") with all four, so it is able to handle the heavy jobs.

The ProBlade system includes an offline programming package so there are no hidden extras and an efficient nesting without stopping production can be prepared offline. The equipment has an optional laser diode pointer to assist with plate alignment and locating the start for cutting.

The Problade offers the Messer "Alfa Torch" which has magnetic height control and collision sensor. This torch includes the patented fast exchange of consumables by hand with no need for any tools, thus eliminating the problems which result from using excessive force during tightening and possible misalignment of the torch.

Also, the new machine contains the latest Computer Numerical Control (CNC) existing in the world market. It is the Messer Global Control, with the bus system via fiber optics, three-level database for all cutting processes and even display of the consumables to be used by the operator after indicating material to be cut, with three cutting quality options.

Source: Messer Cutting Systems GmbH