Messer reinvents the gas cylinder bundle

Industrial gases specialist Messer has launched a completely redesigned gas cylinder bundle on the market in June, transforming a product that had not been changed in some 30 years of use in the gases industry. The cylinder bundle for the transportation and industrial use of oxygen, nitrogen, helium or other industrial and medical gases was developed by Messer in collaboration with a product designer and a gas cylinder manufacturer.

“MegaPack brings quality to the fore and redefines safety. At the same time, it offers a new approach in terms of efficiency, ergonomics, sustainability and design. The purpose of this is to facilitate easier and more efficient operation for users,” says Alexander Kriese, responsible for the hardware for distributing cylinder gases at Messer.

Better ergonomics

The operating panel is centrally located and features a large level indicator. The gas connection is at working height on the new bundles. These changes are designed to improve the ergonomics of handling and operating gas cylinder bundles. The tamper-proof seal developed by Messer cannot be tampered with and shows the user that the bundle has not yet been put into operation after filling.

All gas-carrying components are protected against impacts. Only the connections and valves that are necessary for gas withdrawal are accessible. Roll bars protect the bundle structure against damage, for instance in road accidents. The protective strips have a product-specific colouring, for example green for argon. The colour coding is in accordance with the international standard and guarantees reliable identification of the type of gas from a distance.

The gas cylinder bundle is available with four or six gas cylinders. In both sizes, gas withdrawal is possible at 200 and 300 bar, which is designed to provide users with greater flexibility in operational use.

Winner of red dot award

In April 2013, MegaPack received the red dot award for product design. The judging panel gave the following reasons for the “honourable mention” award: “MegaPack 4 looks slimmer and lighter than other cylinder bundles. The metal frame is also clad, lending the design an enclosed impression”.

Source: Messer Group GmbH