Metalized coating system for consumer products

Vacuum metalized coatings are used to place a thin metal layer on plastic substrates, and they decorate many smartphones, music players and other hand-held devices in bright, shiny colors. Vacuum metalized coatings also adorn toys, personal computers, automotive trim, sporting goods, decorative fixtures and many other products.

PPG’s new vacuum metalized coating system represents a significant advance in the industry, as, “Manufacturers typically purchase three coating layers – primer, base coat and clear coat – from multiple suppliers,” according to Andrew Stadler, global product manager for PPG Industrial Coatings. “VIVATI VM coatings offer the first integrated system from a single supplier.”

As a single-source coating system, Stadler said VIVATI VM coatings enable manufacturers to more effectively manage the vacuum metalizing process. “Because the primer, base and clear coats all come from one supplier, they work together for performance and application and give manufacturers a larger operating window with fewer mistakes and higher production output. This helps to increase yields and expedite the launch of new products and colors.”

Stadler added that vacuum metalizing operations using single-source VIVATI VM coatings require less training than those using multiple suppliers, which can help manufacturers to reduce risk and launch new products and new colors more quickly.

VIVATI VM coatings by PPG are part of a collection of highly chromatic coatings including VIVATI HC coatings, PPG’s breakthrough high chroma transparent powder coatings. All VIVATI Collection coatings feature vibrant color depth, superior durability and unsurpassed transparency.