Metallurgy-Litmash 2013 was a great success for ASK Chemicals

Visitors met a competent team of foundry experts and enjoyed the presentation of innovative foundry resources for all the process steps in a foundry: Binders, additives and coatings for the core shop, filters and coatings for the molding line, and inoculants, alloys and magnesium treatment by cored wire for the melting shop.

Innovative products for Russian foundries

A special highlight at the booth was ASK Chemicals’ binder technology: ECOCURE HE, a highly efficient cold box binder system that helps reduce emissions significantly. This new generation of cold box binders features high reactivity and productivity with a 25 % reduction in the use of binding agents and catalysts. In addition, the use of mineral additives reduces the development of disagreeable odors. The low admixture quantities required for the high-efficiency binder system mean significantly lower emissions and lower costs.

Furthermore, ECOCURE HE prevents condensate adhesion and reduces the time and effort spent on cleaning. The use of the new system can increase considerably the availability of tools and molds – another plus for profitability and productivity. Even thin core geometries that are exposed to heavy thermal loads, such as those required in cylinder heads or engine blocks, can be manufactured using reliable processes and in an environmentally friendly manner.

With its PEP SET™ QUANTUM series, ASK Chemicals sets new standards in no-bake foundries. PEP SET™ QUANTUM binders can lower smoke emissions and odor intensity thanks to their unique combination of chemistry, raw materials, and manufacturing processes. These PUNB binder systems offer some of the lowest phenol and naphthalene levels in the industry. They also offer very low levels of formaldehyde. The hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) contained in these binder systems are among the lowest in the industry. All of these environmental features set these systems apart from what the industry has historically employed and expected from a PUNB binder system.

Wherever the application of coatings is needed, ASK Chemicals provides the most effective solutions to foundries. Being the most effective barrier between sand and casting, coatings from ASK Chemicals provide a series of important advantages: They are highly efficient and provide an excellent surface. With coating solutions from ASK Chemicals, the fettling effort is low, and cost-efficient manufacturing becomes possible. Lastly, the portfolio offered by ASK Chemicals was topped off at this year’s Metallurgy-Litmash with its comprehensive range of risers and filters as well as metallurgical products.

Significant value for the foundry market

ASK Chemicals offers significant value added to the foundry – not only through its excellent products, but also thanks to its experts, who understand the entire casting process in every detail and according to every requirement. ASK Chemicals is able to offer customer-specific solutions by fine-tuning product performance and the casting process in a way that allows the specific foundry to produce the required casting quality under the most competitive conditions of the foundry setup.

“Thanks to our profound casting competence and our out-and-out customer orientation, ASK Chemicals provides real added value to Russian foundries. We form strong and enduring partnerships with our customers – to our mutual benefit. Especially at this year’s Metallurgy-Litmash, we were able to deepen relations while at the same time making new contacts with several foundries,” said Pavel Kuznetsov, managing director of ASK Chemicals in Russia.

Source: ASK Chemicals GmbH