Metinvest reconstructs its heavy plate mill 3600

The project also includes commissioning of equipment to produce X90 and X80 high-strength pipe plate. Metinvest has awarded a $20 million worth equipment contract to SMS-Siemag, a leading provider of rolling mills technology and a manufacturer of metallurgical equipment. Based on the contract, SMS-Siemag will deliver and set up the technological equipment complex such as automatic metal tracking system, automatic gauge control and hot plate leveller. The company will also be responsible for installing water treatment system and accelerated cooling unit. SMS-Siemag will supply the first batch of equipment at the end of July 2011 and the entire production complex will be installed in October 2011.

The commissioning of equipment will apply a thermal-mechanical controlled procedure for higher strength pipe plate production and controlled cooling of rolled steel. These processes prevent additional alloying of steel and offer the desired mechanical properties of plates. Metinvest’s Heavy Plate Mill 3600 revamping project is anticipated to reduce 20% of alloys content in steel and minimize pipe plate manufacturing expenses by 3%.

Source: Metinvest