Modular Base Chassis

Universal, modular system for vehicle development

© 2014 Horst Witte Gerätebau Barskamp KG

Modular Base Chassis for vehicle models and fixture building © 2014 Horst Witte Gerätebau Barskamp KG

The Modular Base for Chassis is a universal, modular system for vehicle development during design, build and model phase up to prototyping and part coordination phase using cubings and meisterbocks.

Following the Witte modular system concept, the MBC allows easy adjustment of track widths and axle spacings within the ALUFIX grid, and by means of fine adjustment of the wheel members to exact values. The rigid ALUFIX framework is also designed to accommodate clay models and cubings. The ALUFIX system enables direct adaptation to Meisterbock structures or individual fixtures.

The frame built in ALUFIX standard profiles is independent of the hydraulic castors. Thus chassis in any width and length can be created (depending on vehicle size). The frames can be connected to each other, lengthwise or crosswise using quick change couplings or screw connectors. This not only creates additional flexibility for storage and transport of the MBC, but also a rapid adaptation to platform size, track width and axle distance respectively.

Core Features:

- Basic module: 2-4 joinable module frames for the realization of all vehicle wheelbases and track widths.
- Self-contained, electronically controllable compact wheel modules, thus no hydraulic lines or hoses are needed, free of leaks
- Auto-leveling, electro-hydraulic, continuously adjustable in height or on-road vehicle situation preset (max. 200mm), stroke 200mm, actual stroke depends on the wheel diameter
- All hole diameters catered for using individual track plates
- 3 wheel locating positions
- Height increase of 10mm on Z-columns for measuring and testing
- Steerable or fixed axle at front or rear
- Simple, intuitive operation via cable remote control
- No additional media required, operated using standard 230 V supply (110 V others)
- 5 to. permissible total weight
- Low maintenance

Individually height adjustable wheel hubs with track plates for various hub hole patterns.
Wheelbase adjusted roughly using the Alufix system holes and finely using scale.

Source: Horst Witte Gerätebau Barskamp KG