Molex: Smallest SMT Board-to-Board Connector

Molex Incorporated introduces its new SlimStack Board-to-Board series of connectors which have a 0.40mm pitch, 0.70mm mated height and 2.60mm width. The new connectors offer a better combination of overall space savings and reliable electrical contact than any similar versions in the marketplace today.

"Molex designed and developed the new SlimStack series to meet surging market demand for downsizing of mobile devices. The new miniature connectors offer about 25 percent space savings compared to many competitive 0.40mm pitch types," notes Joseph Falcone, Group Product Manager, Molex.

A unique set of features make the Molex SlimStack SMT board-to-board connectors ideal for use in mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras, camcorders and other compact mobile devices. In addition to their ultra-low profile and narrow width, features and benefits of the new connectors include:

- Two-point contact design and 0.18mm wipe length for secure contact and reliable electrical performance,
- Nickel-barrier plating to prevent solder flux intrusion,
- Tactile click sound and feel to confirm secure mating,
- Gold-plated terminals for durability over repeated cycling.

The new SlimStack connector versions are available in 20-50 circuits and have four solder tabs on each mating side for secure PCB retention. The system is rated at 50 volts and 0.3 amps. In addition, the housing mold designs include a wide area to accommodate vacuum pick-and-place nozzles, which avoids the extra material and assembly costs of using vacuum tape.