NLMK increases funding for environmental projects

Implementation of the best available technologies (BAT) has resulted in a significantly reduced environmental impact from BOF operations, with average emissions falling by 20% whilst the site saw steel production grow by 9.2%. Emissions reductions were achieved by reconstructing the BOF off-gas ducts with a secondary emission collecting and cleaning system as well as by improving the BOF smelting process. New slag cooling technology has halved atmospheric emissions, greatly improving the environment and ecology of local communities.

Last year NLMK launched a new large scale project at its Sinter Plant, involving the reconstruction of the central aspiration system for two sintering machines. This RUR1.2 billion worth project will reduce the machines’ anthropogenic impact 1.4-fold within one year.

Over 2010 the Company continued introducing state-of-the-art environmental and resource-saving technologies at its new facilities under construction. For instance, the new Heat & Power Plant for BF-7 will allow a complete recovery of metallurgical gases for power generation. The furnace itself will be equipped with the most environmentally-friendly equipment of its generation.

Overall, environmental measures implemented at Novolipetsk have allowed a decrease in gross emissions by 1,400 tonnes, as well as a reduction in previously accumulated industrial waste of over 500,000 tonnes. In addition the measures have succeeded in bringing down fresh water intake from the Voronezh River by 11.1 million m3. Moreover, in 2010 Novolipetsk maintained zero discharge of industrial effluents, the latter having been discontinued in 2009 through a large-scale refurbishment of the process water supply system.

Source: NLMK