New AFRISO series DFM flow meters

AFRISO has now extended its portfolio of 25,000 products to include a complete family of flow meters. The series DFM flow meters are used in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems as well as solar and geothermal applications to monitor the flow of heating water, cooling water and water mixtures with corrosion protection or anti-freeze additives. The flow meters can be installed in horizontal, tilted or vertical mounting positions. The DFM 10-1M indicates the flow in l/min and can be connected directly to a heating manifold. The flow meters DFM 15-2M and DFM 20-2M feature a shut-off ball valve. The series DFM flow meters are suitable for operating pressures of up to 10 bar and temperatures of up to 100 °C (DFM 15-2M and DFM 20-2M up to 120 °C, short-term up to 160 °C); they are available with all standard nominal diameters and system connections.

The measuring ranges cover 1-3.5 l/min. to 20-70 l/min. Other measuring ranges and connection versions are optionally available. Hydraulic adjustment is possible with simple adjustment of individual components or the entire system with no need for diagrams, tables and measuring instruments. Systems that have undergone correct hydraulic adjustment comply with the pertinent regulations and ensure optimum energy distribution for economical operation of the system.