New Hydraulic diaphragm pump

The Hydro/ 4 is equipped with a PTFE multi-layer metering diaphragm.

With material versions from stainless steel, PVDF and Hastelloy C, the Hydro/ 4 can be used universally in multiple applications. It covers the capacity range from 130 l/h – 1,680 l/h at 25 bar to 7 bar absolute.

All pump types are equipped as standard with a fixed-setting pressure relief valve that is integrated in the hydraulics and a multi-layer diaphragm with a diaphragm rupture warning system. The reproducibility of the metering is better than ±1 % in the stroke length range of 20% -100 % given defined conditions and correct installation.

The multi-layer diaphragm ensure safe and leakage free metering.
Efficient process pumps type hydro enhances the process- and product quality due to reliable metering. Simultaneous the requirements of the chemical industry and protection of environment will be fulfilled. High availability and safety of process during metering of combustive, toxic, solids containing and viscous fluids will be ensured.

Source: ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH