New Kevlar® Advanced Performance Fibers from DuPont

The Kevlar® AP product line is based on a new technology platform that increases performance compared to standard Kevlar® fibers and can result in cost savings and greater design flexibility for manufacturers supplying automotive, construction, oil and gas, ropes, fiber optic cables and utility customers. The first offering in the new line is Kevlar® K29 AP.

“Kevlar® fiber is used to strengthen and reinforce a wide range of products because of its lightweight strength, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, thermal stability and other unique properties,” said Thomas G. Powell, president – DuPont Protection Technologies. “In many applications, customers will be able to use less fiber for the same or better performance. This is the type of innovation our customers want, and underscores our commitment to the high-performance materials market.”

Applications for Kevlar® K29 AP include tires, belts and hoses for the automotive industry; and ropes, composites and electro mechanical cables used in the construction, oil and gas and utility industries. DuPont estimates the global demand for high-strength materials in automotive applications such as tires, hoses and belts alone will double within the next five years, driven by the need for reduced weight, fuel economy and higher performance at elevated temperatures.

Kevlar® K29 AP is available in a range of deniers with up to 15 percent higher strength than standard K29, giving manufacturers greater design flexibility. It now is available for new product testing and development applications globally.

Early customer trials demonstrate the performance benefits of Kevlar® AP. DuPont is working on extending the technology across a wider range of products and other performance attributes in the future to help customers innovate and grow their businesses.

DuPont™ Kevlar® products have been protecting people and critical processes around the world for more than 40 years. DuPont expects recent investments in Kevlar® and Nomex® production capacity will continue to lead to further innovation and new products in the future.