The Odac® laser measuring system has been proven in the various markets over the last 40 years to measure diameters, widths and heights. The recently launched model 230 from the Odac® range has been especially developed to measure large dimensions in confined spaces.

The flexible modular single axis Odac® 230 can be integrated, customer specific, into the production line on a rail or only as a sender and receiver. As one is already well aware of from the Odac® range, the scanner with a measuring field of 230mm is sovereign in the measurement of cables, hoses and profiles during extrusion or when drawing and grinding rods and pipes.

Thanks to the modular design the measuring head is also very suitable for combined systems of up to 3 measuring axis or more and built into protective housings for applications in hot rolling mills or other hot and cold processes. Such systems can be used for static, oscillating or rotating designed systems.

Measuring Mode
The Odac® system guarantees a wide variety of measurements and quality checks:

1. Diameter measurements
2. Gap width measurements
3. Penetration depth measurements
4. Height measurements
5. Multi-measurements
6. Dual scanning – large measuring field (synchronised)
7. Dual scanning XY (synchronised)

Further advantages
• "Single scan" calibration CSS
• "Single scan" monitoring
• Data rate up to 333/s (dependant on measuring head version, number of transferred measuring values as well as the baud rate of the interface)
• Flexible installation
• Compact and robust

The Odac® 230 is available with an integrated processor (DP, EN, RS) as with the majority of the Odac range measuring heads.