New Porous Plastic Moulding Technology

Recent development of a revolutionary new moulding technology now enables the company to rapidly produce porous plastic components of the highest quality and part-to-part uniformity up to the multi-million scale.

Developed to provide the optimum solution for a wide variety of pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic applications involving in-vitro filtration, wicking, venting and controlled release mechanisms the new moulding technology allows for rapid prototyping thereby reducing project time and time to market. Beneficially the new clean room based manufacturing process does not require expensive tooling like conventional moulding techniques and is automated to reduce potential contamination and bioburden.

Available in sheet, tube, and almost any 3 dimensional shape in a range of pore sizes (10-100 micron) - Porvair Filtration Group's range of sintered porous plastic materials are FDA and WRAS approved, easily cleanable, strong, rigid and self-supporting with a long life expectancy and high resistance to chemicals. Manufacturing of these specialist, high performance materials for OEM customers is underpinned by an ISO 9001-2000 quality assurance program.