New Series of Laser Power Meter: PC-PLUG Sensor from LaserPoint

LaserPoint has developed the next generation of laser power measurement instruments introducing new microelectronics circuitry that has reduced the complete electronics to the size of a USB 2.0 or RS232 plug.

The result is new family of measurement tools that are smaller, more economical, easy to be embedded in laser systems either in machines or in laboratory. The PC-Plug series of sensors has been specifically developed for all those applications that do not require a display but where readings can be analysed and displayed on the now ubiquitous computer. The whole range of power values from 10 mW up to 10 kW can be covered with the available power meter heads. All the superior technologies like the super hard coating are also available for this series.

With simple plug and play functionality, no additional meter and at a lower cost, the PC Plugs-USB/RS 232 sensors have all the power and sophistication of signal processing and software of a traditional power meter. The RS232 version is the most convenient platform to have power measurement integrated inside laser processing systems. The PC-Plug-USB sensors get their supply power from the USB connection while the only requirement for RS232 version is a +12VDC input.

In conclusion, PC-Plug sensors are another step forward in offering more convenience and ease of use in laser power measurement. The unique blend of low cost, compactness, high performance will provide additional benefits to all laser users, in particular systems integrators and field service engineers.
A detailed brochure can be ordered or downloaded from the internet.

Source: Laser 2000 GmbH