New Software for Fogale Lenscan

With the new software user interfaces as well as the underlying pattern matching routines have been completely redesigned. The simplified measurement procedure and data analyses enable the use by a much greater range of users. Positioning of the specimen, finding the optimal settings and interpreting the results are now faster and simpler.

In- and output of lens data with the Zemax interface is enabling an easy integration into the workflow. By returning the measurement results into design software effects can be simulated and compared to the real world tests.

The statistic analyses reduce any measurement variances even further below the specified 1 µm. With the evaluation of the best collimator position, based on the stored lens design many different optical systems can be evaluated even faster.

With all these improvements the Lenscan can be integrated even more thigh into the processes in production, research and development and assembly for the development and production of precision optics.

Source: Laser 2000 GmbH