New Technology Promises to Transform Cable Coax and Fiber Landscape

Kabel-X(TM) USA has pioneered a unique technology process that quickly and seamlessly removes and replaces copper coax cable from digital networks, significantly cutting maintenance costs and procedures, while also providing operators a conduit through which they can easily deploy upgraded fiber optic cabling without costly excavation and replacement of existing lines. Kabel-X has successfully trialed their proprietary technology with many of the country’s top cable operators and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as they look to repair, replace and upgrade their plant across local systems.

The Kabel-X process is highly efficient, and the most significant legacy cable upgrade technique to date, providing a fiber pathway that quickly converts hundreds of feet per pull. Uniquely valuable to cable, the process is ideally suited for a variety of applications including fiber-deep network build-outs, challenging crossings or pathways, in vertical high rises and other MDUs which operators see as a vital target for fiber expansion in the face of growing competition from telco operators.

Kabel-X’s unique approach uses a proprietary lubricant under pressure to separate the dielectric within the coax cable from the outer aluminum shield. The dielectric and center conductor are quickly pulled out, leaving an empty conduit for easy replacement, repair or fiber upgrade.

This process expedites installation time, minimizes costs, requires minimal new permits to be pulled, and simplifies a once expensive and inconvenient process.

For the first time, cable TV providers can quickly deploy state-of-the-art, high bandwidth fiber optic facilities within their existing plant. Outdated copper conductors that are buried, aerial or underground are re-cored with new cable using this patented process, providing a faster, more convenient, less destructive, and less labor-intensive alternative to traditional fiber cable placement techniques.

“Cable service providers have been looking for cost-effective and less intrusive construction alternatives to line excavation and replacement for a long time,” said Darin Clause, executive vice president for Kabel-X USA. “Whether to the node, pole or beyond, Kabel-X technology removes line access costs and hassles by leveraging the most efficient and minimally disruptive cable conversion process on the market.”

Kabel-X’s unique and patented copper/coaxial cable replacement method is a proven process that has been used in over 120 countries in the last four years, vastly improving worldwide television and Internet delivery networks through fiber optic cable conversion.

The Kabel-X process provides a streamlined solution where CATV/Telco coaxial cable and telecommunications copper conductors are removed for reclamation dollars and replaced with faster, higher bandwidth fiber optic cable. As an integrated process that takes place within the existing legacy network, fiber cable conversion is achieved in less time, with less labor and cost, and does not disrupt neighborhoods, communities, infrastructure and in most cases, lengthy and expensive permitting processes are not needed (since the work is being applied to existing cable under maintenance conditions). Copper cable conversion is no longer a vision of the future — Kabel-X USA is accelerating fiber conversion today. For more information about the company or its technology, visit