New cable solutions for photovoltaics

Nexans Energyflex® PV cable for solar panels provides high-performance, easy installation, long-term reliability and recyclability at the end of its service life. Manufactured from polyolefin, this double-insulated, single-wire cable will carry 0.6 to 1 kV DC efficiently and for many decades. It offers characteristics that not only meet current regulations and certifications (such as TUV and France’s UTE 32-502) but surpasses many requirements in terms of temperature resistance, outdoor survival when exposed to ozone and UV light, resistance to rodent or insect attack and long-term operability. Energyflex® cables feature halogen-free compounds that ensure optimum fire protection for rooftop installations, while meeting the latest RoHS directives restricting the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

Moreover, with its latest Energyflex® Plus range, Nexans is now one of very few cable manufacturers to offer a solar energy cable with dual TUV and UL approval. This enables Nexans to address the North American market as well as module OEMs.

“According to International Energy Agency, renewable energies will account for 22% in the power generation mix in 2030, and amongst renewable energies sources, solar should definitely experience the fastest rate of growth. As a cable supplier, Nexans is well positioned to play a major role in the solar field, mastering the latest technologies as well as the most advanced international standards”, says Rémy Le Fur, Nexans Marketing Manager for renewable energies.

Nexans offer for other renewable energies

Beyond its offer for solar energy, Nexans also operates on the wind energy market through its enhanced wind energy cable solutions: Windlink®.

The Nexans Windlink® range features copper, aluminium, fibre optic cables and components that have been fully tested under live operating conditions and mechanical stresses to ensure compatibility and durability as a system, so they guarantee efficient generation of electricity for turbine manufacturers. To meet the specific needs of wind turbine OEMs for performance and reliability, the Windlink® range integrates complete cable solutions for wind turbines of all sizes, including power and control cables. It also includes special loop cables withstanding torsion, wide temperature variations, abrasion, vibration, ageing, oil and cooling fluids.